Language is a funny old thing. We take it for granted most of the time, but it’s incredible to think that countless people have come to almost the same understanding of what some randomly ordered letters refer to. It’s even stranger when you start looking at things like slang words, or words that were once on the tip of every tongue that no one even remembers anymore. Some of these words need to be brought back. Others need to be forgotten…


Twitterpated. It sounds innocent and a little bit adorable, doesn’t it? It’s the feeling of the racing heart, weak knees, and sweaty palms that happens when you see a new love walk into the room, and it’s a shame we don’t really use this one anymore.
It was popular for a while, and it should sound familiar. Oxford Dictionary says it was invented by Disney for that nightmare-inducing, childhood-ruining movie that masquerades as a cute little tale about woodland creatures, and of course, we’re talking about Bambi. Actually, you know what? No wonder no one uses it anymore. Too soon.
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