In his first month as president of the United States, Donald J Trump spent three weekends at his home in Palm Beach, Florida, a palatial estate known as Mar-a-Lago.
Leamer, a Palm Beach resident, wrote a book called Madness Under the Royal Palms that takes readers behind the gated walls of America’s most exclusive enclave of wealth and fame.
Palm Beach’s reputation as a rich man’s playground had become so established by the 1940s that Hollywood writer-director Preston Sturges set one of his screwball comedies there, calling it The Palm Beach Story.
If they did leave they would discover Palm Beach is about as far removed from the rest of Palm Beach County as the Earth is from the moon.
Some of Florida’s poorest people live in Palm Beach County in communities at the edge of the Everglades, no more than 20 miles from the glittering mansions of Palm Beach.
Palm Beach County isn’t what attracted Trump, though…